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Quartz Counters

If you do your research regarding the best counters for your kitchen project, ultimately you will discover quartz. Quartz counters started appearing in kitchens during the 1990s, and what started out small has grown considerably. People are now installing quartz counters in their homes more than any other upgraded countertop material.

CAMBRIA is our leading brand of quartz due greatly to their efforts to bring exciting, flowing aesthetics to their product line. Their newest series of colors offer marble-like effects, creating a random veining much like natural stone. Cambria offers over 120 colors, and all of their colors are made right here in the United States. Caring for Cambria is easy, as all of the quartz brands are no maintenance, as well as, have a limited lifetime warranty.

CAESARSTONE is the leading brand of quartz in the commercial segment, is manufactured in Israel, and has eleven divisions located across the United States. With over 50 colors available, Caesarstone also offers a number of colors with recycled product. Care and Maintenance. Limited Lifetime Warranty (registration required).

There are many other players in the Quartz Counter game. Some have considerable infrastructures such as Silestone, Viatera, Corian Quartz, MSI, and Wilsonart. Others are trying to make their way with smaller product lines,  but can be just as good in terms a quality.

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